Solveig Suess is a research-led graphic designer based in Beijing. She will be joining the Research Architecture MA in Goldsmiths this fall.

She is the co-founder and designer for Concrete Flux, primarily a journal on urban spaces in China with organised events supporting
an open dialogue about the ever-changing cities of China.


Currently working on:

× Concrete Flux Issue IV: SuZhi
× Fengshui & Face; Researching into what Fengshui symbolizes in the contemporary Chinese city- how the abstract harmonious notion of Fengshui has instead become a tool to reinforce power and class
× VPN Series, in collaboration with Emma Karasz, Ming Lin, Erik Bernhardsson (ModesChina)
× Designs for local band, Nova Heart



Dirty Meme
Screenshot article for

Metahaven, 6-month internship 2015
working on projects for:
× The Sprawl, Lighthouse UK
× Institute for Human Activities
× Tensta Konsthalle

Interviews on Concrete Flux:
× Creative Asia: Concrete Flux’s Solveig Suess on China’s ‘High-Quality’ Urbanisation
× Art:I:Curate: Notes from China: Concrete Flux
× Design China: Interview on personal practice & Concrete Flux
× Crap=Good: Feature on CF Issue 1

Launch of Concrete Flux
× Issue 1: Homeshop, Beijing, CN 2013
× Issue 2: Institute for Provocation, Beijing, CN 2014
× Issue 3: Centre for Contemporary Architecture, Montreal, CA 2015
Craft Tower, Beijing Design Week, CN 2014

Concrete Flux in Book Fairs:
× China Indie Library, LA Art book fair 2015
× Archizines, Beijing Design Week, CN & Tsvetnoy Central Market, Moscow RU 2014 2015
× Facing Pages, Arnhem NL 2014
× Year of the Horse by New Territories, LA Art Book Fair, US 2014

Co-organizer of Bring Your Own Beamer Beijing, CN 2014
A DIY exhibition of sound and light shines on Dashilar Hutong
Included a personal piece, "To Share"

INCLUDED Cities 2014
Exhibition Design & Curation
under topic of migration in China Orange Space, Sanlitun, Beijing, CN

Audio Archaeology 2014
Participatory event of Concrete Flux
“A participatory event that aims to focus people’s attention on the sounds of a visually-chaotic Beijing”
Beijing Design Week, Beijing, CN

GDA Artez Summer Session, Symbolic City Beijing, CN 2014
Participant of research-led design 2-week workshop
“How can design be used to study, influence, alter and
provoke contemporary symbolism by using information
from, or inspired by,the physical location of Beijing
and design & distribute these using on & offline spaces?”

Transnational Dialogues 2014
Participant selected and funded for the China Research Caravan
“An artistic and cultural exchange between Europe, China and Brazil with a focus on the new geographies of globalisation”

Making Community 2014
Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art, Manchester, UK

Money & Mimicry 2014
A personal investigatory project
Beijing, CN

The Future of Architecture II 2013
Featured a discussion with Tom Baxter & Erik Bernhardsson
“Speculations in how building ‘Sky City One’ in Changsha would shift urban dynamics in China”

Blueprint Magazine 2012
Glasgow School of Art, BA (Hons) Visual Communication Degree Show, speculative nation-branding project, Tlatehiin, featured in Best of Student Shows 2012
"Tlatehiin imagined an absurdly desolate Arctic island-nation, questioning the notions of the branded, purchasable ‘perfect lifestyle’ and the buildings which act as hosts for this. Whilst a quieter narrative of the perpetual cyclic nature between the consumption and destruction of the nation's surrounding resources and environment runs in parallel."

Artist Residency at Chintsao Space 2011
Two month residency at Fang Lijun's artist studios with access to Li Xianting’s Film Fund, supporting and archiving Chinese independent films & documentaries which are otherwise not officially supported.
Songzhuang, Beijing, CN