Solveig Suess is a research-led graphic designer based in Beijing. She will be joining the Research Architecture MA in Goldsmiths this fall.

She is the co-founder of Concrete Flux, primarily a journal on urban spaces in China with organised events supporting an open dialogue about the ever-changing cities of China. She collaborates on the designs with Sophie Dyer. Concrete Flux has since then grown into a collective of editors, writers, art critics and coordinators as well as designers.


Currently working on:

× Concrete Flux Issue IV: Suzhi
× VPN Series, in collaboration with Emma Karasz, Ming Lin, Erik Bernhardsson (ModesChina)



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Screenshot articles for

Metahaven, 6-month internship 2015
working on projects for:
× The Sprawl, Lighthouse UK
× Institute for Human Activities
× Tensta Konsthalle

Designs for band, Nova Heart 2014

Concrete Flux:
× Issue 1 2013
× Issue 2 2014
× Issue 3 2014

Concrete Flux Events:
× Screening Spaces, in collaboration with Emma Karasz and with support from Studio X, Beijing Design Week 2015
× Audio Archaeology, a participatory event of Concrete Flux for Beijing Design Week 2014

Fengshui & Face 2014
Researching into what Fengshui symbolizes in the contemporary Chinese city- how the abstract harmonious notion of Fengshui has instead become a tool to reinforce power and class.

Money & Mimicry 2014
A personal investigatory project looking into the packaging of copy-cat gated communities.

Tlatehiin: The Jewel of the Arctic 2012
Glasgow School of Art, BA (Hons) Visual Communication Degree Show, speculative nation-branding project, Tlatehiin:
"Tlatehiin imagined an absurdly desolate Arctic island-nation, questioning the notions of the branded, purchasable ‘perfect lifestyle’ and the buildings which act as hosts for this. Whilst a quieter narrative of the perpetual cyclic nature between the consumption and destruction of the nation's surrounding resources and environment runs in parallel."

Co-organizer of Bring Your Own Beamer Beijing, CN 2014
Included a personal piece, To Share.

INCLUDED Cities 2014
Exhibition design & curation under topic of migration in China.

Interviews & Features:

× Creative Asia: Concrete Flux’s Solveig Suess on China’s ‘High-Quality’ Urbanisation
× Art:I:Curate: Notes from China: Concrete Flux
× Design China: Interview on personal practice & Concrete Flux
× A DIY exhibition of sound and light shines on Dashilar Hutong
× The Future of Architecture II
Featured a discussion with Tom Baxter & Erik Bernhardsson
“Speculations in how building ‘Sky City One’ in Changsha would shift urban dynamics in China.”

Residencies, Workshops & Exhibitions:

× GDA Artez Summer Session, Symbolic City Beijing, CN 2014
Participant of research-led design 2-week workshop.
“How can design be used to study, influence, alter and provoke contemporary symbolism by using information from, or inspired by,the physical location of Beijing and design & distribute these using on & offline spaces?”
× Transnational Dialogues 2014
Participant selected and funded for the China Research Caravan
“An artistic and cultural exchange between Europe, China and Brazil with a focus on the new geographies of globalisation”
× Making Community 2014
Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art, Manchester, UK
× Artist Residency at Chintsao Space Songzhuang, Beijing, CN 2011
Two month residency at Fang Lijun's artist studios with access to Li Xianting’s Film Fund, supporting and archiving Chinese independent films & documentaries which are otherwise not officially supported.